The Buffet

The ¡¥Boardroom Buffet¡¦ Min 8 people

Dip Platters ¡V $4.30

A generous platter of mixed dips, vegetable sticks, crackers and corn chips. Perfect for ¡¥nibbles¡¦ or as a starter.

Antipasto Platters ¡V $6.80

A mixed platter of marinated vegetables, olives, cheeses and pickles. Recommended as a companion to cold finger food and dips. Ideal for the office ¡¥drinks¡¦ function.

Chicken & Meat Platters ¡V $9.20

Rostisserie Chicken pieces, segmented into easy to eat portions, arranged with a variety of meats, including turkey breast,virginia ham, pastrami & roast beef.

The ¡¥Massive Mezza Platter¡¦ ¡V $8.85

A crowd pleasing mix of fresh and cured meats, marinated chicken fillets, cubed cheeses, marinated vegetables, olives, savoury bread sticks, and dips.

The Salad Platter ¡V $5.95

A fabulous accompaniment for any of the meat platters, this comprises an extensive range of sliced salad vegetables, boiled free-range eggs, baby beets, and marinated vegetables. Served with buttered slices of a crusty french stick.

Quiche and Frittatta ¡V $29.95

An incredibly versatile component for a Boardroom function in which crockery is available. Available in an array of sizes and flavours, these will be served in fullsome wedges, and can be served warm or cold.


Main Meal Salads

Fabulous for something a little out of the ordinary, or to satisfy participants with special dietary requirements. Available in large or small quantities,

Basic ¡V $12.95 / Serve

Green Salad
Greek Salad
Seeded Mustard Potato Salad

Gourmet ¡V $16.95 / Serve

Thai Beef Salad
Chilli and Lime Chicken
Satay Chicken

Breakfast packages Breakfast packages

Schwobs Platter

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