The Working Lunch

The Sandwiches priced per round

Standard Mixed Sandwiches V $6.65

A wide assortment of recipes served on normal square loaf bread, in multigrain, wholemeal and white. Typically served in triangular quarters, they are suitable for functions where seating is limited, or for audiences who prefer to handle a petite portion.

SCHWOBS Gourmet Sandwiches V $7.55

Made with a selection of large Vienna breads, schwobs sandwiches are a favourite for boardroom lunches. They are plattered in halves, easy to eat and MOST filling.

Club Sandwiches V $7.15

Designed especially for the elegant or cocktail function participant, these are plattered in ribbons, with 3 layers of bread. Crusts are removed.

Pita Bread Wraps V $8.15

Excellent for the health conscious; our wraps provide a low carbohydrate, gluten-free solution for lunch time. Wraps are served in halves, perfect for easy eating.

Gourmet Open-faced Sandwiches V $8.95

Prepared on Schwobs Bread, these sandwiches are recommended for sit down type functions where crockery is available.


The Rolls

The Filled Baby Baguette V $4.15

An incredibly popular option for the ladies, or functions for which elegance is essential. Slit across the top, and filled with gourmet ingredients, these are a wonderfully modern alternative to club sandwiches.

Gourmet Rolls V $8.15

A selection of white and wholemeal long rolls, plain and seeded. Perfect for hot or cold fillings. Cut in halves for easy eating. An excellent alternative to Schwobs sandwiches.

Authentic New York Bagels V $ 7.95

Authentic NY style bagel; delicious, incredibly chewy and available in range of varieties. Served in halves, for easy handling.

Focaccia & Turkish Pide Rolls V $8.45

The density & size of these rolls renders them ideal for hot fillings, or greater use of marinated goods. Delivered to you, warmed from our ovens.



Pita Bread Wrap

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