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Your assistance in completing this survey would be most appreciated. We have been corporate caterers for almost 10 years, and have always prided ourselves on our flexibility and our approachability. Feedback as to your experience of our food and our service is indispensable to our constant attempts to improve the way in which we serve you.

We thank you, in anticipation, for the time you spend completing this short questionnaire.

Company Name
Phone Number

Services Provided to Date:

Could you please rate us according to the following measures?

Quality of food
Presentation of food
Punctuality of delivery
Competitiveness on cost
Range of products offered
Helpfulness of advice offered by telephone operator
Assistance by the delivery person

Product Range:

Are there any products that you would like to have added to our range?

Information & Advice:

Is the catering menu helpful to you, in your decision making?

Does it provide you with enough information as to the services and products provided?

Do you find that the portions of food we recommend ‘per head’ are sufficient to feed your participants, without over-catering the event?

Is the range of fillings appropriately 'gourmet' for your participants?

Would you prefer to choose between a 'basic' sandwich recipe list, and a 'gourmet' recipe list, if there was a cost difference between the categories?

Generally, Can you offer any other comments or suggestions for improving our service?



Sensible Sandwich