Sensible Sandwich



Something 'Light'

Fresh Fruit Platters

A mixture of seasonal fruits; Ideal for a refreshing snack in the mid-morning or afternoon.

The Foodie's Fresh Fruit Platter

For something 'extra special,' consider a platter of seasonal fruits, sprinkled with dried fruit and nuts. Your participants may dip a crispy sesame finger in a central bowl of low fat vanilla yogurt.

Cake Platters

Sliced log cakes; a great accompaniment for any coffee break.

Muffin Platters

An array of tasty muffins, iced and plain, big and small. Ideal for mid-morning or mid-afternoon functions.

THE Deluxe Mixed Platter

A platter of Mini Danish pastries, muffins, cakes and cookies. This provides maximum variety, and has been a popular addition to morning tea meetings.

Something ‘Warm and Hearty’

Sweet Petite Croissants

Petite Croissants, served warm, and filled with a delicious array of sweet fillings, ranging from gourmet conserves to combinations of poached fruits. An impressively chic alternative to Mini Danish. Garnished with wedges of lightly buttered swiss fruit loaves.

Warm Scones

Why not enjoy a little touch of olde, with some freshly baked scones, cut in halves. Served warm, with a selection of jams, marmalades, and, of course, butter and whipped cream.

'Tasty Toasties'

Great for those morning meetings, in which some incentive for attending is essential! Toasted Sandwiches are served in halves, on Square Bread or Schwobs Bread. Recipes range from the classic ‘ham, cheese and tomato’ to egg and bacon combinations.

Warmed Savoury Croissants

Flakey pastries, traditionally served with savoury fillings, such as Smoked Turkey breast & Cranberry sauce. Lovely for those winter mornings.

Hot English Muffins

Served open-faced, these toasted specialty muffins are excellent for the ‘upmarket’ breakfast meeting for which crockery is available. Toppings include eggs and bacon, scrambled eggs, and cheesy omellettes, as well as the more conventional morning fare of cheese and tomato, ham and King Island brie.


"The Working Man’s Solution"

For the hearty appetite, try a combination of Egg and Bacon Rolls, Toasted Sandwiches, Homemade Sausage Rolls, Mini Quiche and Hash Browns.

"The Boardroom Breakfast": HOT

A mix of warm savoury croissants, followed with a light serving of fruit and 100% Australian Orange Juice.

"The Boardroom Breakfast": COLD

A platter of luscious sweet pastries and muffins, accompanied by miniature raspberry and muesli parfaits.


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