Sensible Sandwich


MENU - Morning and Afternoon Tea


Fresh Fruit Platters

A mixture of seasonal fruits; Ideal for a refreshing snack in the mid-morning or afternoon, or as a lunchtime desert’

The Foodie’s Fresh Fruit Platter

For something ‘extra special,’ consider a platter of seasonal fruits, sprinkled with dried fruit and nuts. Your participants may dip a crispy sesame finger in a central bowl of low fat vanilla yogurt.

The Cheese Platter

A mix of the highest quality cheeses; King Valley Brie, Castello Blue Vein, Vintage Tasty, interspersed with dried fruits, and nuts; Served with seasoned pita crisps and crackers.

Fruit & Cheese Platters

Cake Platters

Sliced log cakes; a great addition to a meeting break where coffee is provided

Muffin Platters

An array of tasty muffins, iced and plain, big and small. Ideal for mid-morning or mid-afternoon functions.

THE Deluxe Mixed Platter

A platter of Mini Danish pastries, muffins, cakes and cookies. This provides maximum variety, and is a popular addition to morning tea meetings.

Gourmet Slice Collection

Served in easy to eat ‘fingers,’ these platters sample the most popular of the delectable Laguna slices range, including flavours such as lemon, tira misu, rich caramel, and J’adore roasted nut medley.


A favourite desert with the ladies, these moist treats are available in blueberry, mandarin, apple and cinnamon and sour cherry.



Catering Morning and Afternoon Tea